A is for Arvilla

My first blog ever and It is hard to begin with my ‘A is for’….so I think I will choose my name, Arvilla.  I was named after my Mom’s best friend, but then she nicknamed me Sis which my three brothers changed to Sissy (in the derogatory meaning).  Anyway, I grew up sisterless in this testosterone filled environment.  Lucky for me,  I later became the mother of two adorable girls and then it was my husband’s turn to endure a lot of sugar and spice.  He escaped into the yard, where he  still loves to be, keeping the landscape maticulously manicured.

Back to me—-I was the first to graduate from college and went on to become an elementary school teacher, thus my interest in letters of the alphabet.  I taught the  ABC song to many, many youngsters.  My husband, Don also taught school and when my girls were born I was able to be a stay at home mom, which  in the 60’s was an acceptable thing to do.

I loved all the aspects of motherhood:  cooking; attending girl’s softball games; overseeing school and craft projects; and sewing dresses for everyday and special events.   (I would later go on to work on their wedding dresses).

So that brings me to the present—-We  both enjoy  retirement  and love to travel.   We moved to Washington state to be near one daughter and her family and recently visited our newly married daughter and her husband who live in Texas.

Crafts are still a love of mine and I make machine sewn quilts.  I play scrabble online and everyone thinks I’m addicted.


Editor’s note: A is also for A.A. (Awesome Auntie) and Army Boots (what my name means in Greek). A is for anniversary (Don and I recently celebrated our47th) and not least,  A is for airplane on which our Texas daughter (aka A.A.) is flying home after a  Mother’s Day visit.  And yes, we miss her already. 

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