D is for Detours

Plans don’t always work out.  I had this idea for the title “Detours” which led me down a blind path.  Anyway, to sum up, I took a detour from blogging and went another direction.  I went on a ‘decorating ‘ spree.

Nope…not gonna blog about decorating.  I’m back to my orignal thought of “Detours”.  Mostly the joys of having to detour.

You’re probably thinking ” Joys?  What joys could come from a detour.  It only sets you back and wastes precious time!”

However, in my case,  taking time away from  what was becoming frustrating,   eventually led me to back to my plan, but with a new purpose  (plus  nicer walls surrounding me)……………….

Road trips hold unexpected pleasures when met with a detour.  Going off on another path can bring experiences that you might otherwise never have  the chance to enjoy.  Hubby and I love to take side roads……….

When we were in Colorado, we rented a red jeep Cherokee  and had the most fantastic adventure. With  hubby navigating,  I learned some off roading skills.  We got totally lost before finding our way back to civilzation. whee!

OK….not all detours are that exciting or  fulfilling.

Once while undergoing a somewhat simple surgery (should have been home and recuperating the following day), I developed complications leading to trips to ICU plus more invasive surgery.  Finally at the end of  the month,  I was able to return home.  Remembering it was to have been a one night stay,  produced in me a lot of frustration.  And one day of recuperating turned into four weeks of trying to get back on my feet.  More frustration!

“So there!” you say.  “Where’s the joy?”

The upside is that I discovered that there were friends and family who rallied around, bringing me food and comfort.  My hubby and both daughters stayed by my side though most of my ordeal, the  oldest  coming from a far distance to be with me.   I learned that each day is precious.  And as for the residual pain sometimes still felt,  I’ve decided  that when it happens, it will  not bring me down, but serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. And that fact makes me a victor!

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