G is for Gratitude

I was just beginning the idea for this  entry,  when I read another blog challenge from Karen E. Green on “400 things that I love.” So to fit in with my ‘G’ entry I thought to tweak it and make it  “What I’m grateful for in 400 words”.

But first a few quotes on gratitude:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.  
(seen on truth and cake)

Appreciate what you have, before you realize that you missed what you had.

The French writer, Colette said “What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”

There are two things to aim at in life:  first, to get what you want and, after that enjoy it.  Only the wisest of mankind

 achieve the second.  Logan P. Smith

(seen on Sunshineparenting)

So here is what I’m grateful for in this amazing world God gave us.  That Don and I live close to our granddaughter has to be  in the top ten of my blessings.  She lives right around the corner and so  we also get to spend a lot of time with her and our daughter and son-in-law.  Sunday dinners are memorable.  We also have a wonderful  daughter and new son-in-law in Texas –a great place to visit.   Grateful for airlines to get us there.  Neighbors are all close here (there are five families, including our daughter’s)–we often get together for dinners or just coffee .  And in need of help?  They are always there for us.  And we for them.  Grateful for the friendships here and grateful for the memories of friends back in California–love that we can keep in contact via e-mails and Facebook.

Grateful for most of the choices I  have made.  Glad for the career in teaching. Getting married to Don.  Being a mother to two sweet girls.  Moving to Washington.

Grateful for all the freedoms we have.  Grateful for our troops fighting to uphold these freedoms.  Fourth of July celebrations.

Our church family. (a small group get together often to play cards or Mexican Train.)  Church potlucks…mmmmm. We have a new minister loved by all of us.  Saturday mornings a group gets together and sews for mission work.

Spring in my backyard.  ahh..the smell of lilacs.  This was taken by my daughter,  Sheila. (simplysheila)

Evenings we are joined by neighbors and we go on a walk–often viewing our wonderful desert sunsets and enjoying the cool summer breezes.  Going for picnics by the river and ending up with a walk along the river’s edge.  While the weather here is changeable, we still enjoy it.  Even grey  days bring spectacular cloud formations.  Don’t even mind the rain too much (except when it puts a dent in our yard sales). Fall is wonderful with crisp air and beautiful autumn colors. Winter time demands  a  steaming cup of coffee by the fireplace. (chocolate for my granddaughter)

Our local CSA that provides us with a tasty assortment of vegetables–they are always a part of our Sunday dinners.  Fresh Asparagus says summer is here.  Grateful that my son-in-law loves trying out fantastic recipes for us. Early morning scones made by my daughter–what a delight. Chocolate cookies that my friend makes for desserts.  Blueberries picked ripe and juicy from my daughter’s yard.

Letters and notes from my granddaughter, including drawings of my cats that she creates with much detail.  Going to the park with her. Love that she rings my doorbell twice–our signal that it her.  Playing games.  Creating  paper dolls. Trips to the library.  Phone calls from her make my day.  Snuggling with her and reading books.

Well I’m not quite sure about the number of words here.  I did begin and end with my granddaughter.  Because.   She is my world.

I’m able to appreciate the world more when seeing it through her eyes. 

 Through a Child’s Eyes

When looking at the world through a child’s eyes,

We see the beauty, unmarred by disillusionment.

The windows through which we perceive the world are crystal clear,

Not yet clouded by harsh judgements and  biased opinions.

Each new day embarked upon becomes an enlightening adventure,

With all nature brining its wonders to thrill the watching eye.

A time of learning and discovery of the simplistic things in life,

Taking time to nourish all those feelings and storing them for future reuse.

By Julie Grace

(This poem has been in my collection of quotes and poetry for a while.  I don’t have any information about the author.  The thought is so appropriate.  Thanks Julie!)

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