J is for Joy

It’s Sunday morning and we are sitting drinking coffee when there is a phone call from our granddaughter.  She wants to come see us and  soon she is at the door.  (two buzzes is a signal that it is her).  She brings blueberry scones, still warm from the oven.

She is so excited.  She tells us that her mama had just taken them out of the oven.

I dip in and grab a most gooey morsel and I’m now in heaven.  Coffee and a delicious scone!  Ahhh……..She offers one to her grandpa.  We turn off our favorite Sunday morning news and turn to the Disney channel for the Mickey Mouse Show.  Granddaughter is content watching the show while cuddling our cat.

Too soon her parents come to take her home to get ready for church.

But before they leave we get an invitation from  them to come to lunch.  We often enjoy Sunday meals together.  Sometime very festive, but today is just a simple sandwich lunch.

So after church we go to lunch at their house.  When we arrive,  granddaughter tells us she made dessert.  It  is very special she tells us–it includes a surprise.  After sandwiches, the dessert is bought from the freezer with great flourish.  She says that whoever has the cup with the blueberry inside wins.  The prize is a little pink stuffed mouse.  We start eating and it just happens that granddaughter wins. But she won’t keep the prize.  She devises another little trivia and her mama wins the prized mouse.   After we finish lunch, granddaughter  asks  would like the recipe and of course I say yes.Our granddaughter gives us so much joy!  She has so much love in her little eight year old heart.

5 thoughts on “J is for Joy

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    I’m missing my granddaughter. Her dad is starting a new teaching job in Oregon. My daughter’s family lived around the corner from us and was a blessing. I miss sharing the scones often sent still hot from the oven. Since I’m on the letter J, permit a grandmother’s reminiscing about Joy.

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