K is for Kudos! I’m Freshly Ironed

Ironing board

Ironing board (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I may not have had the honor of being fresh pressed, but I am freshly ironed–my clothes that is.  I don’t have need of my iron all the time, but when it is used, there is a great sense of satisfaction  having the garment hanging there with that fresh from the laundry look.  Mostly I have no need to iron, what with my fantastic dryer and all the wrinkle free fabrics these days.

I remember my mom ironing my dresses plus all those mens shirts (I had three brothers–you do the math).  She loved sending my dad off to work in a clean white dress shirt.  These were 100% cotton that had to be starched and sprinkled with water before they hit the ironing board.  I loved watching my mom  iron.  When I was big enough she would let me practice ironing  my dad’s handkerchiefs.  I would mimic all her movements to get it just right.  Yes, they also had to be sprinkled and ironed (minus the starch of course).

Thinking back to all the work my mom endured  just to get us all out of the door looking fresh pressed, makes me grateful for all the appliances that make life so much easier.  Before those  shirts were ironed,  they had to be washed  and hung outside on the clothesline.  The washer was electric, but not automatic.  Which meant there was a lot of work involved, lifting the heavy items and putting them through the wringer, then into another holding tub, then back into the washer to be rinsed.  And no automatic dryers meant that all those wet heavy clothes had to be lugged out to the back yard.  Sheets and towels had to be hung smoothly, clipped to the line with wooden clothespins.

We  recently visited a pioneer museum that had a collection of old washing machines arranged on a back porch.  My mom’s washer was also on a back porch.  It was “updated” with screens on the three sides which left it open to the weather without a way to heat  or cool it.  So dealing with the climate was a problem.  (desert heat and a tub full of hot water wasn’t easy)  The one below is a little older than the one I remember on my mom’s back porch.  The machine on the left does have the wringer that were turned by hand—unlike my mom’s which did turn with electricity.

So now when I take out my fresh from the dryer, ready for the hanger garments, I remember my mother’s devotion to her family.  I also remember how happy she was when Sears and Roebuck delivered a new fangled white washer that went inside the kitchen!

Click {HERE} for a listen to the “Washing Machine Song”.

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2 thoughts on “K is for Kudos! I’m Freshly Ironed

  1. I remember when I was a little girl and wanted to iron everything, so you let me iron dad’s handkerchiefs. I thought it was a treat, and you let me believe it! The last time I ironed something was…well I can’t remember because my dryer is AMAZING!

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