N is for Nobody does it Better

It’s my birthday–so much sweetness is raining down on me.  So much sunshine is blessing my day.

Here is how it begins.

My Texas girl (Simply Sheila) wrote a wonderful blog honoring me on my birthday.  Thank you, Sheila

My wonderful hubby made me coffee from our favorite roasted beans. Then granddaughter brings me a plate of decadent scones  (filled with fresh apricots) Fresh from my daughter’s oven.They were delicious, as you can tell….and no I didn’t eat them all!  Some are in a bag for a later snack.

Next, was watching my granddaughter at her final swim lesson where she performed swimmingly.  We spent an hour shopping before having lunch at a favorite spot–Rosie’s Diner, where we treated ourselves to sweet potato fries—no such thing as  too much sweetness on your birthday.  And just in case I may have missed a drop of sweetness, dessert was a chocolate sundae.  mmmm….

Looking forward to a picnic by the river this evening!

What a great birthday.  No one makes a day more special than my sweet, sweet family!

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