5 sentence challenge

I thought I’d take a little break from my alphabet posts and take up a challenge I found at andyswords&pictures.wordpress.com/2.

Sounds like fun, so here goes my first attempt.  The word is distance.

The Question

Knowing this would be our last walk, he offered his arm and  placing my hand  on it, I felt him tremble slightly.  I wondered if he could hear my own rapidly beating  heart, but he seemed not to notice,  maintaining a rigid gaze forward as we stepped carefully along the flower strewn path.  Those blue eyes of his gave no indication of  what he was thinking, but my thoughts were of all the other walks we had taken  and how secure I always felt just holding his hand .  The distance was not far and arriving at the end of the path he paused and I continued several steps, stopped and waited for the question, “Who giveth this woman in marriage?”  My father dutifully said the words he had probably been rehearsing all the way down the aisle, “I do”.

6 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge

  1. I found you! Lovely story. You got me. I was thinking this was the end of a relationship rather than a beginning. Beautifully told with a delightful twist at the end. Welcome to Five Sentence Fiction. Be careful it is wildly addictive! If you decide to play along in the future, you should go to: http://lilliemcferrin.com/ and post your link on her web site so that plenty of other FSF fans can read your story. She posts a new word every Thursday and you have until midnight the following Wednesday to post a link to your contribution. This week’s word—posted today—is “Distance.” I’ll have my story up on Tuesday. Hope to see you around!

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