Hooked on FSF

Well all I can say is that this challenge is definitely fun, but also caused me to lose some sleep.   I came up with a new story:   ” Date with Destiny”.

The weather could not deter his predetermined  date with destiny.  Knowing how the morning would turn out,  he would have liked to stay in bed, burying himself deeper into the covers, pulling them over his head to shut out the world,  the weight of which lay on his small shoulders.  His decision affected the lives of many and he was not going into this blindly, as it had happened before  and now with no time for hesitation, he bravely faced the impending  situation head-on.  Peeking out, he  was blinded momentarily by the sun and then the flashes from the reporters’ cameras, causing him to quickly retreat.  But then drawing himself up to his full stature, and casting  fear aside  to become the hero of the day, Puxatawny Phil poked his head from his burrow, and emerged to see his shadow.

2 thoughts on “Hooked on FSF

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