Q is for Quilts

Quilt notes

Quilt notes (Photo credit: duien)

Well, I guess those of you who know me  would think I’d start talking about quilts.   I love quilting a lot,  but I’m not going to start a tutorial here or brag about my quilts. But for the purpose of analogy,  I guess I will talk about quilts.

When I first begin a quilt it is just a bunch of random bits and pieces that when sewn together become a thing of beauty.   Sometimes it takes a lot of hours, and some painful seam ripping and then restitching to get it just right.  But I have a vision of what it should look like and I work toward that goal.

Sometime life is like that.  Your life is filled with both good and bad.  Sometimes it seems mostly bad stuff  fills your day, but the goal is to keep positive and move on.

Do you have a vision of how your life is going?——-  Can you take all the bits and pieces and in the end turn your life into something lovely?  Or will  you take all the things that life throws at you and just give up, because it is too much work to put it all together?

Take time to create a goal for your life.  And while your at it dream big!

I just read Margo Karolyi’s blog post “How to Climb a Mountain” on  the other side of 55    The author made  an excellent metaphor for facing life’s challenges.  (click to read this Fresh Pressed story).

So what challenges are you facing?  Maybe it a bad curve that life has thrown at you…maybe it’s a new career path….maybe it’s just an exciting new hobby.  Maybe it’s just what to have for dinner.

Whatever it is go after it with gusto.

3 thoughts on “Q is for Quilts

  1. Q is for quill – Likely used when the pioneer woman first wrote her words of wisdom. My favorite line is, “But the way you put it together is your business”. Thank you!

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