R is for Remember Me?

Memory loss combined with the  loss of hearing can cause conversations to get complicated.  For example listen to this  humorous conversation (recorded here to the best of my memory):

The other day  on my usual walk around the neighborhood, I met an old acquaintance.  After hellos, she said “Do you remember me?  “Oh yes” I mistakenly replied, “Mary”?

“No, I’m not married now.  I got a divorce a few years ago”!

After I found out her name was Ann, we moved on to another topic.

“I’m taking care of my daughters dog”,   Ann told me.  “I have to put medicine on her which makes her miserable–she has to wear this big collar.”

“To keep her from biting herself?”

“No, my daughter doesn’t live by herself” Ann sighed. “She’s living with her boyfriend now.”

“I’d like to call–whats her number– 628…?”

“No it’s not too late, go ahead and phone.” Resuming her run she called back,”by by”.

I never got the number and never called her daughter.

Memory loss accounts for a lot of wasted time.  I just found my lost misplaced eyeglasses after 24 hours of searching the car, the house, the yard (enlisting the help of my daughter and granddaughter)  and  phoning  places I had been the  previous day (my friend and I had set up a booth at a flea market).  And yes, I had looked through most of the boxes of stuff I brought home.  And then gone back to search every place again.

After a restless nights sleep, I finally made an appointment with my optometrist.

Then with resignation, I decided I might as well put away a bag of handmade knitted scarves that I took to the sale.  And refolding the scarves,of course I found my glasses safely nestled in them!  Aren’t lost things always found in the last place you would ever expect them to be?

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