T is for Ten reasons to Tango

Even though I’ve never learned to dance, I admire the watching dancers as they effortlessly glide across the floor.  I enjoy the dance contest on television.  So here are my ten reasons to learn to dance.

Tango Boca

Tango Boca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. I want to be like Ginger Rogers dancing with Fred Astaire
  2. I would like to become famous.
  3. The exotic costumes are beautiful and it would be fun wearing a fancy dress.
  4. And the shoes.  I love the shoes.
  5. My handsome partner is always smiling.
  6. The music is  mysterious with its undulating rhythm.
  7. Did I say I might become famous?
  8. Probably involves traveling.  I love traveling.
  9. A great way to stay fit! (good for the heart-click on related article below)
  10. And yes, there is the chance of winning money.

There is my list.  But let’s get serious now.  Very serious.  Before I go and sign up for lessons, I have to be realistic.  I have two reasons not to tango.

  1. Two left feet.

So I think I will just contain my enthusiasm and dance solo in my living room.

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