V is for Variety

Well, I hope it wasn’t noticed that I mistakenly skipped over the letter V  in my enthusiasm to finish the alphabet.  My mind just went on a vacation, but now with the end in view, I will give it my best to do V justice.


My granddaughter asked us “What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republicrat?,” affirming my view that there is not much difference. Whatever your persuasion I hope you cast your vote for the best man person.  I once heard about a couple of retirees who lived in the country an hour away from their polling place.  The husband and wife each had their own party affiliation and ideas about whom to vote for.  And even though they cancelled each others choice, they felt so strongly about their right to vote that they drove the fifty or so miles (in good or bad weather) to have their say.

Van Gogh:

One of my all-time favorite artists, Van Gogh captured my attention in art class back in High school.  I was fortunate to see his work on exhibition in Amsterdam a few years ago.  I’ve watched the movie several times.

Wheat Field Under Clouded Sky

Wheat Field Under Clouded Sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The third largest asteroid in the solar system is 525 Kilometers (326 miles) in diameter (named after the goddess Vesta).  (I just thought to add something that sounded intelligent)

Vanishing shopping cart:

This morning as my hubby and I were grocery shopping we discovered that we had lost our shopping cart.  We had split up to pick up items and said we would meet on the dairy aisle.  We both ended up there a few minutes later with our arms full and just stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out what had happened.  We laughed and went in search of our cart and found it near the produce where we had both left it.

shopping cart CEBIT-8542

shopping cart CEBIT-8542 (Photo credit: Harry Fichtner)

Veteran’s Day

Hope you find someone to honor on November 11.  Or any other day for that matter.


A good scrabble word I’ve used, but before now, never looked it up in a dictionary.  It’s an abbreviation for the word videlicet.  and it means namely.  And also if you are reading aloud you should say namely and not viz as written.  I’m not sure if I will ever come across the word if I’m doing an oral reading, but now I’ll know what to say.


“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”  R. Oben

Vacation spots that are 
Are much in favor
     with travelers today.
Some find them by planning
     trips at great cost,
And others just by getting lost.

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