A is for Adventures on the Volga

An offer of a trip to Russia with a cruise along the Volga River really grabbed my attention! And when I made my wish known to my husband, he immediately jumped on board!  In less than 24 hours we had our reservations. We already had passports, but we began to have a few reservations ourselves, when we learned we would need to quickly apply for a Russian visa.   There was no turning back–we had paid for the trip in full, so we plunged ahead and quickly mailed off our application.  Then waited on pins and needles for our answer.   (It was a week before departure when they finally arrived–thanks to FedEx!)

All Aboard the MS Tikki Don

We flew into St. Petersburg, Russia and boarded  the Grand Circle ship The M/S Tikki Don.  (It would be our home for the next two weeks.)  The ship stayed docked for several nights, allowing us to visit famous sights and return to our ship for the night.

It was a surprise to learn that St, Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great, is only 300 years old. Here we toured the  Hermitage,  the largest museum in the world.  Our tour lasted all morning and we only saw a small part of what this lavish building had to offer.

Our guide was fantastic!   A native of St. Petersburg she passed on to us her vast store of knowledge including stories about the  palaces and churches and the  lives of the unforgettable ruling class.

Yes, it rained , but the city was still lovely.

Of course we had to shop.  This was a lovely two story building with the center left empty and covered by a vaulted ceiling.And of course vendors had may traditional crafts to catch our eye.

We visited a school (music is  taught along with all other subjects), where we enjoyed a concert by students from all grades.

And the food….it was wonderful!

We even got to have tea in the home of a Russian villager.Our hostess told us about her prized Russian samovar, she uses for making tea. And as part of our shipboard education we learned to make blinis.Another learning experience was painting Russian dolls.

I’ll leave you with a few more memorable photos.

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