Bowlful of Blogs

Well,  dear readers, I have finished my self-imposed challenge and am asking myself, “What next?”   It’s been fun meeting new friends and I have loved all the kind thoughts sent my way.

I am committed to staying positive, but just have to let you know that I laugh at my mistakes made as I blindly pressed forward to get my alphabet mix accomplished.  Once in a while I would just have to stop and think to myself–“this is a fine kettle of fish  soup you have gotten yourself into!” (mostly about the technical side of the site).  I have to say that a lot of luck happened on my adventures through the challenge. A lot of luck and a lot of help from you, my readers.  And an enormous amount of technical help from my daughters; Sheila, without whose help I never could have begun blogging on WordPress; and  Heather, who  is a great motivator.  So thank you, readers and family.   I plan to continue learning and be a better writer!

Now on to my plans for my blog.  You will still see me here once or twice a week, writing my way through the alphabet.  Each new letter is a great prompt for me, helping me stay focused.  The title of each piece will just not have  “A is for, B is for”etc. but will still follow the same progression.  I have some interesting topics in mind for the next few blogs.  You’re welcome to stop by for a taste from my kettle and be sure to stir in something for readers to chew on.

I also have a new passion called Five Sentence Fiction and have added a new page to my post where you will find my stories.  Thanks to Lillie McFerron for her idea.

Please visit my second blog,  Mary Jane Shoes for a walk down memory lane, with pictures and stories about growing up in the 40s and 50s.

Thanks again for dropping in for another helping of Alphabet Story.

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