FSF- Flawed

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is flawed. Thanks again to Lillie McFerrin for the idea.   Here is my little offering (based on a bit of truth) Thankfully,  I wasn’t there.

An invitation to dinner at Gertie’s house, was not to be missed, and this one was proving delightful.  Conviviality flowed around the table as guests helped themselves to  second servings from the soup tureen in the center of the table.  The lively conversation settled on the beautifully laid table; the antique silver, the linen cloth, the exquisite china and finally on the now empty  tureen.  Their hostess explained how she had spotted it in an antique store and except for one  flaw, thought it would be a wonderful conversation piece.  Ah yes, all agreed, as the eccentric Gertie continued, “beautiful as it is, truth be told,  the flaw is that it is only a chamber pot.”

24 thoughts on “FSF- Flawed

  1. What a great ending.
    You can just imagine the look of horror on the faces of Gertie’s guests. Soup from a chamber pot – certainly a conversation piece.

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