This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is candidate . Thanks again to Lillie McFerrin for the idea.   Here is my offering:

She woke from a comfortable sleep, stretched her long, lithe body, and proceeded with her morning routine, taking extra care to make sure she looked her best.

She had a feeling that this day would offer some hope for her future, because just yesterday her photo and credentials had appeared in the local paper.

But she knew the public was fickle, that to some appearance was more important than character, and that their choices were unpredictable.

She knew that if chosen today, a new life awaited,  but otherwise life would not even be worth living.

And so she cowered in the corner of her cage and waited her fate.

16 thoughts on “FSF-Candidate

  1. Saving the bit about the cage until the ends makes us want to read more. Is this an animal? Is this a person? For what is the MC a candidate? If a candidate for public office, what’s the significance of the cage? Are political campaigns of the future (and/or where she lives) such that the candidates should or must be caged? Lots of possibilities.

    See my candidate’s platform at http://wp.me/p24aJS-4n

  2. Sounds like a cat in a shelter waiting to be adopted. OK, I have cats, what can I say? Always interesting to see what stirs in other’s minds from the prompt we get!

    • My Christmans kitty, Noel was the inspiration for this story. A few years back she was rescued from a shelter by my daughter where she volunteered. She still makes herself beautiful every morning.

  3. That was really good…like everyone else has said, you’ve made us think. that last sentence was genius! There are so many combinations that this could be…from celebrity, Hollywood model, to animal, to prisoner, or something very distopian and disturbing…

  4. Beautiful! I didn’t see where this was headed ’til the very end. As a cat rescue mommy, with precious memories of choosing and being chosen, your story was close to my heart. I loved it!

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