Freedom Gets My Vote


Veteran (Photo credit: Keturah Stickann)

Today is election day–It’s a day for all Americans to stand up and be proud.  On the news I watched long lines of devoted  people waiting hours to vote.  My heart swells with emotion to know that we have this right and it’s wonderful to see true allegiance.

Friday morning we will attend the Veteran’s day celebration at the elementary school where my granddaughter attends.  It’s a well planned event with the local boy scouts carrying in the flag and small bright-eyed children in a chorus of patriotic songs.  There are usually standing room only.  Again my heart will swell with pride.

Listening to the children sing America usually brings a tear to my eye.

So I know it’s getting late and bless you if you  have cast your vote….but if not you may still have time to carry out this most important freedom.

And now I’ll get off my soap box and return to my television for the election results.

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