FSF – Character

Thanks again to Lilli McFerrin who  created the idea of Five Sentence Fiction.  I had so much fun writing my story of Gertie using the promp ‘flawed’, that I decided to add to her story.

Gertie has a change of heart in this entry. (if you didn’t read it the first  part, click here to read before continuing.) 

Stunned silence followed, causing Jim Sander to feign a headache,  offer apologies and leave abruptly, thus failing to hear the rest of Gertie’s story.

Looking at the stricken faces around her table, she said “when I asked about the bowl, the store owner assured me that because of such rare beauty, it was never used for its’ original purpose.”

Sighs of relief followed, and Gertie’s character restored, they all laughed at her joke.

It was heard the following day that Jim Sander had checked himself into the hospital complaining of intestinal problems, but the doctors could find nothing wrong.

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