Happiness in Small Moments

I heard a quote recently:  the gist of it was to enjoy the small stuff, ’cause someday it will be big stuff.  So I’ve decided to find small moments that will someday hold a big place in my memories.

My list of things that make me happy.

Munching on homemade scones with honey butter.  ( a freshly brewed cup of coffee makes it even better).  I love having a group of neighbors over for coffee and tea.  One or two of us usually have our knitting projects and we have a great time visiting and enjoy being  together.
Matching house slippers worn by my granddaughter and me.  I bought a pair made from recycled denim and then made some  in a child’s version for my sweet girl.

My cats, Toby and Noel, snuggling together (they love my sewing machine chair).  They bring me so much joy, that it’s ok if they usurp my place occasionally.

There is joy in being a kid again.

Flowers brought to me by my granddaughter.


Taking a break and listening to a performance in the park.  A  delicious pot of soup simmering on the stove…..  If it’s homemade chicken tortilla soup, so much the better.

A walk in the evening and viewing the sunset.  Fallen leaves cruching underfoot.

The scent after it rains.

The promise of a rainbow.

What small happenings do you want to remember?

Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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