FSF- Business

This weeks prompt is ‘business’.  Lillie McFerrin, thank you.  I couldn’t leave the story of Gertie’s dinner just hanging, so here is another episode in the saga.  The first and second parts are a fun read before you go on.

Apple pie

Apple pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gertie heard the  rumor about Jim, and taking full responsibility for it, went about the business of making amends by baking her famous mile high apple pie for him in lieu of the dessert he missed.

The pie laden with extra apples, butter, sugar and spices and assembled in Gertie’s special flaky crust was in the oven when the doorbell rang.

Helen, her daughter,  had brought a plate of still warm scones and the two sat over coffee discussing Gertie’s now famous dinner and her plans for the pie.

When the pie was out of the oven, Gertie decided to deliver the it while it was still hot, leaving Helen to clean up the kitchen.

It was typical that Helen would volunteer to help her mom, and  as she began to clear the counter, she wondered why there was a spice bottle sitting there that said chili pepper.

18 thoughts on “FSF- Business

  1. While there are recipes for apple pie with hot peppers in them, I’ll assume this wasn’t one of them and Gertie is about to make a bad situation worse by accident. I like when writers take on the extra challenge of making a story from different prompts like this.

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