Juggling words… is it stuffing or dressing?

This little post is all about getting ready for thanksgiving dinner, inviting guests , planning details about the menu, while taking everybody’s needs into consideration.

In the past we  had huge gatherings  at my brothers home.  (I’m missing those fabulous dinners.)  Friends and family gathered together and while there were vegetarians (heard of tofurky?) and even those with other food issues, there was always enough choices to leave us stuffed!

This year the dinner will be much simpler, as there will be only seven people at our Thanksgiving feast.There were supposed to be some old friends from Olympia, but they can’t make it.

But I think I’ve shopped for twenty!  Isn’t that the way it always is?  But hey, who doesn’t like leftovers?

About the menu; already the conversations  are getting involved and a little funny.  My friend asked if I was making stuffing.  I said yes and explained how I always bake it in a casserole as the turkey is finishing baking.  ‘No that’s not stuffing.” she said ,”that’s dressing. It’s only stuffing if you put it inside the bird.”  Ahh, no no , I say it’s stuffing, because if I eat it I get stuffed….and I’m already dressed, right?

This morning, my daughter asks “Mom, are you making stuffing?”  I respond “Cornbread.”   “No, that’s not what I asked, are you making stuffing?”  I told you, cornbread.  Words flew back and forth for a few minutes until she figured out I was trying to tell her ‘cornbread stuffing’ (like I always make.)  (Just to let you know, I’m proud because she knows the correct name for it).

So even though our number is smaller {Sheila and our son-in-law Scott will be celebrating in Texas}, (A big shout that we miss you both) we will be grateful for all the blessings God has provided.

And in the time-honored tradition there will be time for the after dinner nap in front of the football game.   I know for sure that is exactly what will happen back home at my brother’s house.

The jury is still out debating on what to call that dish.  I hope the verdict goes my way.

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