Gertie is making her fourth appearance for this weeks prompt-Feast.  Actually the apple pie will be the star in this wrap up of her story . If you’re just joining read the first, second and third parts and not miss any of the fun.

The pie was still warm and infused the interior of the car with its wonderful apple aroma, and as Gertie drove across town to Jim’s house she glanced frequently at the seat beside her to make sure it was ok.

Making a left turn onto Main, she looked again at the pie and barely missed hitting a homeless man in the cross walk.

Just ahead she thought to stop at the Baskin Robins for a quart of vanilla ice cream,  adding certainty that her apology would be accepted.

Gertie parked curbside and not bothering to lock her doors, she entered the shop.

The homeless man passed the car and seeing the pie, thanked God for this good luck as he reached through the open window and retrieved the feast.


If you haven’t checked out Lillie Mcferrin’s site, please head on over and find out all that is going on there.  Thank you Lillie for introducing your followers to this really great motivation.

15 thoughts on “FSF-Feast

  1. What a wonderful twist to the plotted revenge. I feel for the poor homeless man who is so delighted with his bounty but will soon discovera new meaning to hot apple pie! The look on Gertie’s face when she returns to her car would be priceless! Bravo, well done!

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