Knock Your Socks Off Hearty Holiday Soup

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

I think I love the day after Thanksgiving more than the day itself.  That’s when I pull the turkey carcass from the fridge to perform my magic and turn it into the best soup ever!  It takes a while so I start after breakfast. And I consider it mostly cost-free and certainly healthy.

The  turkey bones go into my large pasta pot with just enough water to cover.  Any veggies from the left over relish tray are added at this point. (or just chop up some carrots and celery).   I also will cut an onion in half and add to the stock.  (The veggies will be discarded at the end).

English: Mirepoix - a combination of onions, c...

English: Mirepoix – a combination of onions, carrots and celery used in cuisine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bring it to a boil and then turn to simmer and let it cook for about two and a half hours.Now that part took no time at all and I can go blog while it is steaming away.  This is also the best part, because my house smells like Thanksgiving all over again.

You’ll need some long-handled tongs next to remove the bones from the stock and place in another container to cool off for handling.  Remove the pieces of veggie with a strainer and discard.

Pick the meat off the bones and put back into the broth.  At this point add your favorite herbs  (mine would be sage and oregano) or if you like a spicier soup you can add some hot spices.  (see below for my versions of the soup).

This time I got lazy and added a bag of frozen mixed veggies, but if I have celery, brocoli and carrots I will chop and add them.  One or two chopped  onions are added.

Bring to a boil again and then simmer for about 15 minutes till veggies are done.

I told you I would give you some ways to change-up the soup:

My granddaughter’s favorite is snowball soup, where  I make dumplings and cook them in the soup.  ( biscuit dough formed into  one and a half inch balls and dropped into boiling broth and covered and simmered for about 12 to `13 minutes.  My chicken and dumplings are to die for.

The other alternative to this is adding your favorite noodles (if added dry the last 10 minutes of cooking time.)

Chicken and rice are always nice!  Just add some cooked rice.

The addition of tomatoes,  canned corn and black beans will turn it into Tortilla soup.  Put  extra chili spices on the table along with shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream, and serve with tortillas.  We like to break them up and add to our bowl.

So, I hope you will try making soup from scratch.  You could try it on a smaller scale with chicken bones, using a shorter cooking time of an hour and a half.  Basically the same procedure for any of the soups.

There is a  lot of waste after a big meal and I think it is wonderful that I can reuse what would be thrown out to make something spectacular!

Let me know if you need anything clarified.  While I don’t use a recipe, I can fill any details I may have missed.

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