Makeover Project

I enjoy reading about the makeovers at Pillows ala Mode.  I thought to use the question What can you make with?  and ask  what can you make from a pile of fleece scarves? .

2012-11-30 11.25.08

About two dozen scarves were left over from a craft show, and had cluttered up a shelf in my workroom.  I have no idea where the sudden inspiration came from, but I thought to weave them together (I used 9 strips in each direction) to make a fun throw.  The fringe on each scarf became the outer fringe on the throw. The white scarves were set aside for another project.

Assembling it was a challenge because the edges where each strip overlapped had to be glued ( I used a washable fabric glue: Liquid Stitch made by Prym-Dritz  –most craft sore sell it)  . Then I tied each corner and machine sewed around the entire outer edge.  It turned out very well and my scarves were finally put to good use.

2012-11-30 11.29.31

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