Another word prompt-joy, from Lillie Mcferrin’s Five Sentence Fiction:

The feelings that enveloped Joy for most of her days do not reflect the name given her.

Each morning dawns much like the day before and soon the days flow together in a never-ending miasma of sadness.

Ask her in passing how she is and a fixed smile will appear, followed by fine, thank you.

And as you go on your way, the smile has already faded.  It is a struggle to wear that mask and getting home in the evening it is a relief to remove it and let sorrow that rules her life once again surround her.

3 thoughts on “FSF-Joy

  1. I liked this a lot, so much truth. Don’t most of us wear smiles as we go about in public during the day, regardless of whether in truth we are happy or sad or our world is secretly crumbling? There have been dark times in my life when Joy would not have been a good name for me either, but no one at work ever knew. Wonderful use of the writing prompt!

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