Cover of "The Night Before Christmas"

Cover of The Night Before Christmas

Cora, still excited by papa’s Christmas stories, snuggled in bed and let visions of sugar plums come dancing in her head.

Papa could make the stories come alive as he spun his own version of the night before Christmas, and now her mind was a-jumble with Santa,  mice and sugar canes in competition with mysterious noises downstairs.

Curiosity finally overwhelmed Cora and small feet, making no noise on the cold floor, took her to the head of the stairs where she sat huddled for warmth on the top step.

Baffled, she watched as mama and papa worked in the room below, placing wrapped presents around the tree.  Why, she thought, they would be in bed, waiting for Santa.

And as the truth slowly filled her mind, her little heart grew larger with love for her parents, and she made a decision right then that she must keep her new-found knowledge a secret.

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