New Year’s Greeting

Happy New Year to everyone!  By now you may have made and probably broken all your resolutions.  I have found that it is useless to spend time thinking and planning what I should change about myself if they will be cast aside the following week.   (I’ll spare you the details of what my list would contain.)  Actually, anytime is good for change…..I don’t know why we think one day of the year is the only time to invent your new self.  Daughter, Heather says it should be a lifestyle change.

I should put writing at the top of my list since it’s been a while since I posted anything,  (but if I had done so during the month of December, I’d have bored you with tales of a nasty cold that injected itself into what should have been a joyous season.)  I did recover just in time for our trip to Texas.

We flew to Austin on the morning of Christmas Eve….an adventure in itself.  (That could be another story.)   We arrived in time for a Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  Christmas morning  was wonderful with brunch cooked by my daughter and son-law.

Some days were spent lazily in our kid’s cozy home.  Others were packed full of surprises.  Eating at our favorite Thai restaurant,  going to the movies and seeing Guilt Trip (with Barbara Streisand), and a trip to the LBJ presidential library.

We drove to San Antonio and visited the Alamo,

2008-01-18 10.44.53

and walked on the Riverwalk through downtown San Antonio,

riverwalk,San Antonio

We  were entranced with the lighted trees in Johnson, Texas

lighted trees1lighted trees 22008-01-13 17.27.57

We ate at the famous Austin landmark, the Salt Lick

2008-01-14 14.44.27

All holidays have to come to end and we said goodby to Austin and returned home to snow in Washington.  Hope your Christmas was happy and blessed and that the new year brings  365 days (minus a few now) in which to accomplish your hearts desire.


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Greeting

  1. Spent the Christmas in Texas too! Only in Tx have I seen the tree trunks wrapped with lights like your pic. There’s a huge tree in Cedar Park that is lit up with lights wrapped all around the trunk and branches and then bigger lights in the smaller branches. It’s a beautiful sight. Would love to visit San Antonia. Thanks for sharing – it looks like you had a great time!

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