FSF- Inspire

This is my response to this weeks Five Sentence Fiction with the prompt Inspire.  Check out Lillie McFerrin’s homepage.


It was on a run up High-tower Street in the early dawn when Jack’s life would take on new meaning.

Fully awake since three, he had noiselessly slipped out of the house so as not to wake his sleeping family.

Running  through the silent  streets, he only heard his heart pounding out the word failure, failure, failure.

The sleepless night had taken its toll and he was breathing hard as he crested the top of the hill, where stopping to catch his breath, he caught sight of the early morning mist lifting, revealing the beauty that lay below him;  and the ache that had taken up residence in his heart also lifted.

Sunlight made a valiant effort to break through  and bring hope to the new day, and Jack  finally could grasp hope; hope building new resolve  to cast away the guilt and fear that for so long had  held him captive.

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