Thursday’s prompt for Five Sentence

Fiction is forgotten.  Here is my little offering.  It’s a nice break from my attempt at a first novel.  (see my previous post)

As always I have to thank Lillie McFerrin for her inspiration.

The kitchen maid by Jean-Baptiste Simeon

The kitchen maid by Jean-Baptiste Simeon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thomas always helped maid polish the silver on Fridays in preparation for the master’s parties.

He was too small for his little legs to reach the floor, so he swung them back and forth, keeping time to a little song that he kept in his head so as not to annoy maid.

Not singing was one of maid’s  many rules he tried to comply with so he would stay in her good graces.

He was trying to do his best, ’cause otherwise he wouldn’t get his muffin.

Friday was the day cook made them special with extra currents and thinking about it made him so happy, a little song escaped his. lips.

2 thoughts on “FSF-Forgotten

  1. Awww! Poor little guy, sweet story and yet sad that in his eagerness he has just lost his chance for the prize muffin! I can see where this same theme applies to life on a much larger scale! 🙂

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