This is not original with me–I once heard it.  Thought I could make  it fit the requirements of FSF.   See more FSF stories  at lilliemcferrin

John still in bed, turned off the ringing alarm clock, and stayed there,  despite the sunlight filtering though the curtains.

“John, it’s time to get up” a voice called from the kitchen.

“John, breakfast is ready” the voice urged.

“John, really now, you are really will be late!”

Finally, the woman entering the bedroom drew back the covers and urged her husband, “hurry up, church can’t start without the minister!”

One thought on “FSF-Sleep

  1. Great twist on being late for Sunday morning church! I well recall my father calling up the stairs to me and my sisters… you have ten minutes… you have five minutes… he taught us to be everywhere early, late was not an option with my dad! 🙂

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