N is for Novel Letter

A letter from myself to me:typewriter

Dear  aspiring writer,

I never thought you could do it!  You are actually writing more than just five sentences at a time.

Not that I don’t just love your Five Sentence Fiction, but a writer has to stretch his wings and grow.

You have logged in almost 20,000 words on your first attempt at a novel.

You are still a fledgling, clinging to the edge of the nest, little claws holding on for dear life, afraid to let go.

I say Just let go…no more thinking of excuses.

No more hanging on to the thought that spending your time   *editing*  is actually getting you anywhere.

Set your thoughts free of any negatives and soar to the heights.

Yours Truly

*Editing*—-(A couple of things I’ve learned about  Word Perfect)

Other than one or two pages, this is the first time I’ve attempted anything this large.  I’m  learning some tricks for editing.  Using a click to highlight a word in your document for instance.   I thought that I might be using the word thought too often.  One click showed me that yes it did show up often.  I had such a love affair with the word and used it with such wild abandon, that  the number of uses was nearing ninety!   (yea that’s right…90 thoughts)  Thought was gotten rid of in all but a couple of places that seem to demand its use.  My characters are all now DOING things they had heretofore only thought about doing.

And I’m taking a lesson from my characters; to turn my thoughts into actions.

The second editing fix  had a rather funny consequence.

I decided I didn’t like my character’s name Ken, so I did a word swap changing Ken to Robert in one fell swoop.

Strange things happened :  eating  chicken became fried chicRobert; a bus token became a bus toRobert; a broken promise turned into a broRobert promise.  I’m still finding this editing too demanding.

So all that editing really drained my brain and  used up a lot of actual writing time.

You may ask the lesson learned from all this?  Perseverence.  Just write and worry about cleaning out the nest when your ready to release your writing to the world.

Thanks for reading.

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