This week the Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Purple.  Adding a little fun to the challenge, I included the words ‘past and passed’ that were the subject of a little instructional blog over at Andy’s Words and Pictures.  Actually it was a reply to him that inspired this.  I changed it  a bit to fit the five sentence structure.  The subject is a far stretch for me so be kind. Hope you enjoy!

At half past midnight he revved up his motorcycle for a ride across town.

It was just past the warehouse that he passed the dark sedan parked by the side of the road.

He thought he recognized the car with two thugs from his past hunkering  in the front seat.

In terror, he felt his past catching up with him and he raced on in a purple haze, turning onto a side street and soaring  past the graveyard.

He almost passed out when the dark sedan raced up behind him.

11 thoughts on “FSF-Purple

  1. I love this. I feel his fear and wonder what his done in his past that he has to run/ride away. The phrase ‘purple Haze’ is very evocative and I now want to listen to Jimmy Hendrix. x

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