Writing Purple Prose

 This little post is a link to a tutorial that I just stumbled upon.  Having just written my own little five sentences featuring the prompt purple, I was intrigued.  I’ve included the intro here to whet your appetite.  Please follow the link to read the entire article.  You can also comment or read other posted comments inspired by the opening: It was a dark and stormy night.

How to Know If Your Prose Is Purple

by Liz Bureman

On occasion, one finds oneself immersed in the literary throes of a piece of prose where there is very little in the way of advancement of the plot or development of the characters, but the pages are still filled with words. Since the esteemed author has allowed their writing to take a turn for the dry and dull, they gallantly attempt to overcompensate for the lack of stimulation by indulging in elaborate turns of phrase. This is called purple prose. It is often supremely annoying.

To read  further click  purple-prose.

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