Onions and a pair of boots

An onion can make people cry, but there has never been

a vegetable invented to make them laugh.

                                                                                        Will Rogers 
I’m on the letter O in the alphabet and so I thought to start my post with this quote from Will Rogers.  This will neither be about crying or onions or even  funny vegetables.  (I tried to think of a funny one and could only come up with rutabaga;  the name is funny and some people think they taste funny.)
But it’s not about any of that.  It’s what can you make from a pair of boots?  A purse of course…(You’re thinking, what does this have to do with funny vegetables?  Nothing!–but now that the O is covered, I can move on to more exciting things.)
P is for:  the Prompt, “What can you make from …?”  seen over at Pillows Ala Mode.
My granddaughter wore out the soles of this cute pair of boots leaving the tops in pretty good  condition.
2008-01-01 12.00.37
I cut off the tops.  Thrown into the wash with some jeans they came out looking fine. 
2008-01-01 12.01.06-1
The two halves of zippers were put together to make a  new side zipper.  I did this without having to remove the zippers.  Luckily the boot lining pulled away and I was able to sew the bottom and side of the purse. The fact that one side opened up with the “new” zipper  helped. Then I trimmed the lining to fit and sewed that and tucked it in.
2008-03-03 17.12.18
I took one of the straps and buckles from what became the back of the purse and made a handle.  My granddaughter was thrilled with the results. 
2008-03-03 17.21.03
If you know of a funny vegetable or have a recycling story that has nothing to do with funny vegetables,  you may make note of it in the comment section.

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