Thoughts on life and art

I love anything about art.  Recently I was researching the history of graphic design….  It was interesting  that after WWII, the need for graphic art really increased.  There was an increase in production of cars, appliances; anything to make home life more comfortable.  Television advertising was just taking off.

Looking at some old commercials on you tube was really enjoyable.  The commercials were filmed before live audiences and if something went wrong, you just had to improvise.  In one, a pretty looking Betty Furness was demonstrating the new Westinghouse Refrigerator and the door would not open.  Unflustered (is that a word) she went on describing its features.  I bet that sold more than if it had gone off as planned.

Isn’t that how life is?  We can just go along with our choreographed life, when wham…we get something thrown into the mix and we either get drowned in the mess or come out dripping but totally satisfied with what we accomplished!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on life and art

  1. It’s like family vacations. When something goes wrong, that’s the one thing that everybody remembers. Like the time I took a trip with my future wife and our car broke down on the California coast and we had to spend three days in a tiny town while we waited for the mechanic to fix it. And we ate a restaurant that was owned by the lady who was the female drummer in the band from the movie “Some Like it Hot”….

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