I’m Celebrating!


I thought I’d start getting ready for my blog birthday party…It’s this month.   A party can’t have too many guests, so   you’re all invited to drop by for the celebration.  So come as you are or put on your favorite party hat and come on over.

I started my blog on May 17, 2012 not knowing what I was doing, actually.  I have to say a big thank you to visitors from over 35 countries who have peeked at my blog.  (over 4000 views)  I’ve read comments that made me laugh, cry and motivated me to become a better writer.  I met bloggers that helped me through the maze of words, punctuation and the dreaded possessive and wiped out clouds of misused or unnecessary words.

Any success is due to the assistance from my daughter at Simply Sheila.  She helped me set up my blog space, choose my theme etc.  My daughter Heather supported me by always checking in and leaving sweet comments.  My son-in law Joseph drops in every once in a while and leaves a humorous offering.

It’s been a journey of peaks and valleys.  Mostly it’s been an adventure meeting new people and attempting challenges…such as Five Sentence Fiction.  (Some of my entries were the inspiration for attempting a first novel. I’m more than a third of the way through.  Yea!)

Please drop by and say hi and leave a response to this question.  What was your most memorable birthday?

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