Jacob’s Fortune Was Not What He Expected

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.   This opening line is from a famous author.  You may have read it.  Hint…It’s about a guy and a gal.  {Answer further along, if you need it}

The line served as a prompt for me and got me wondering what kind of fortune a fellow who I’ll name Jacob had,  how it was procured (honestly , of course) and if it served him well.  Think along the lines of a lottery winner whose millions hardly help him find happiness.

I’m also reminded of the movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  I laughed all through that one. But back to Jacob.

And back to the opening line: to paraphrase”everyone knows how true this is,  that if you are  single, and a hunk of a guy (I had to add that) and win good chunk in the lottery you will want a girl to marry.”  Well,Okaayyy!   Jane Austin did say it better !  But you know what?  .. she used a passive voice with the words “must be”—-so there!

OK, pressing on…having money does not necessarily grant you     give you    bestow on you  the wherewithal to procure the girl…….or I’m thinking of my fictional Jacob, any means to advance his life.

I’m hesitant to do so, but I’ll give away the ending of my story. But you already know how it must end… Jacob, fortune gone, is left alone,bereft of the friends who had joined him as he rose on his path to greatness,   Now penniless, he walks to the river and on crossing the bridge thinks to throw himself in, when out of nowhere an angel jumps in first, so that he will have to be saved, thus ensuring Jacob is a hero.  Oh,  that’s already been written…hmm.   Jacob, penniless walks to the river and on crossing the bridge thinks to…Oh, there I go I’m repeating myself now.  So anyway, he is at the bridge…no,  on the bridge.

Hey you’re yawning.  I saw that.  That other guy over there is bored  that I’m using a passive voice {hey–Austin did this too} and ready to shut down my site!  But thanks to you for hanging in there.  The end is coming, if I can just figure it out.

I wish I could come up with some really unique quote for Jacob to say before he brings his shallow life to an untimely demise.  I’m sorry this had to end on such a sad note.  You could probably write a much better (redundant expression, I know) ending to the story.  While you’re at it why don’t you work on the middle too?

Let me know how it turns out.

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