Breakfast Saga

English: A bowl of Raisin Bran cereal shown in...

English: A bowl of Raisin Bran cereal shown in a clear plastic bowl and low-fat milk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually ate ants once.  ( unknowingly)  Live ants they were.  This was not a good experience–not a good experience at all.  The tiny  varmints had invaded my box of raisin bran and were hiding by clinging to the raisins as I poured  a bowl and added milk.

The first bite went down without much thought.  At the second bite, it began to taste strange; a queer bitterness… a metallic taste  that made no sense in my usual sweet morning treat.  Something was horribly wrong.  I would complain to the company.  (name deleted to protect the manufacturer) (other adjectives to protect your ears, dear reader)

My bowl of cereal at first looked normal.   I looked closely.   At first I didn’t see anything unusual.  A  prickliness began on the back of my neck.   I gave it a stir.  The back of my throat began to spasm as I then became aware of the problem.

Ants were clinging to the raisins.  Some of them had been swept off their raisin life supporters and were floating around in their luxurious milk bath calling to their friends to come on in.  Most were smart and clung to their little life-rafts, while some were diving to their deaths or others were attempting to get to the side of the bowl.  Ants do not swim too well.  Do they not know this?

Alas there were many casualties.

And did the smart ones live?  Did I have pity on them and think they deserved a better fate?

I wish I could report that compassion then overwhelmed me and that a few lives were saved.  That would be a better ending perhaps than the one I gave them.

But for no other reason than the hatred we feel for these tiny creatures God put here on our planet,  they were destroyed.  This makes me a little sad and not at all proud.  It’s just ants I tell myself.  It shouldn’t bother me very much.  But it does.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Saga

  1. This is terrible! I can’t imagine how horrified I would be to discover my cereal infested with ants. You poor thing. Our house renovations have meant that all of our pantry food has been stored in boxes in the basement, and our staple foods have been relegated to the side hallway where our refrigerator is temporarily housed… all of this means FRUIT FLIES! We have been battling them all week, but I think I’ve finally gotten the edge with little bowls of apple cider vinegar and dish soap scattered throughout the house. Yuck! No worries about discarding those nasty beasts 🙂

    • I can laugh about that now! Fruit flies aren’t fun either.
      By the way I just published my new post you inspired me to do. It took a little bit of time to get it up on my blog. so stop in again when you have time.

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