Rain, Rain go Away

Singer sewing machine - 31K32 (detail 1)

Singer sewing machine – ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My hubby and I have been married for almost 50 years and have gone through a lot of experiences where things get torn apart.  Some involving relationships and others the house that we call home.  Recently, our roof leaked after a huge rainstorm.  Hubby discovered the leak which had caused water damage in my sewing room closet.   (I regress to say I am passionate about my stash of fabric, which has grown to huge proportions.)  All that including furniture and three (yes 3) sewing machines, plus one more which is a non working treadle, had to come out

Anyway all that was good in my life of sewing was about to become unraveled.  Everything was put in the  guest room for the duration of the repair.

The repair involved tearing out a good portion of wall, inside and outside the closet and setting up huge Hepa filters to help with the problem of the mold they found inside the closet wall, and also underneath the carpet.  That had to be replaced also.

Back to the roof.  We thought we had the repair set up, but then it rained again–and got things a little wet inside a second time….but said heap filters were running around the clock and helped dry it out again.

The waiting period until we did get the roof repair seemed too long.  Thankfully we did not get anymore rain, however the worry never left.  We finally got that done and moved on into the inside work.

At the time this happened I was working on a huge job (I was commissioned to sew three outfits for the mother of the bride).  Thank goodness that project was not affected, except that I had to set up a makeshift sewing area in another room that we used as a second guest room, so I could complete the projects.  (Just finished this week and they were picked up yesterday.)

All things turn out for good.  I decided to move my sewing room to the larger sunnier room.  All my fabric is happy in a new area and I have room for all my projects. (It’s amazing how many can UFO’s can be discovered in a move.)

And through it all we stuck it out, hubby and I, and hopefully grew a little more understanding of one another.

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain go Away

  1. There is never a convenient time for things to go wrong or get undone in our homes, is there? I don’t even like it when the sinks get clogged! The unexpectedness of yours sounds like it would be very trying. It’s pretty astounding how challenging home issues can bring up challenging relationship issues, too. I’m so glad you and your hubby worked this out smoothly, and can add it to your stash of “we made it!” moments together. Those are the very best!

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