Five Sentence Fiction- Fabric



The woman bends over the table on which a pile of clothing awaits the iron.  Gnarled fingers brush at strands of hair fallen across her face, as she would brush aside the tedium of her life.

Her calloused hands lift the delicate garments belonging to the mistress, impulse brings the silky fabric to her cheek and for a moment transports her from the dank room to a place of dreams.

The real world intrudes as the bell above the door, signals in its shrillness, that the call of her mistress  must be heeded.

Thanks to the prompt and please visit Lillie McFerrin for more FSF.

6 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction- Fabric

  1. This is a really good scene – I was able to picture it in my mind and could envision the drudgery she endures. There may be a few extra commas in there, but nothing that alters the meaning of the story (and who hasn’t had a few of those…). Unfortunately, the story reminds me that I have some ironing of my own to do before I go to work tomorrow – I guess I’d better get started on that.

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