M is for Monkeying Around


Monkey bread tree, Tarangire National Park in ...

Monkey bread tree, Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Apebrødtre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just for fun, I decided to travel via my computer, and never have to leave my comfortable chair (except for a coffee refill).  I invite you to come along with me.  The ticket is free and you can stop along the way for longer visits if you like.

The first stop is at an orangutan rescue facility.  You will not want to miss the video of a new arrival to the site.  Click here to meet baby Rickina.

We continue on through google land and discover the Monkey Bread Tree (pictured above).  On Wikipedia they say the tree is also called a Boabab tree which has an edible fruit (that resembles a gourd).  Click here.  That might make you hungry.  We will take a break for snacks.

Next we visit Anastasia who is knitting monkeys.  I have to stop for a while and get out some yarn and knitting needles. And some chocolate, can’t knit without a little nourishment. Click here for her blog.  I’ll wait while you get your yarn.  If you like crochet visit Kate here to see her adorable crafted  monkey.  It’s a small detour and well worth the stop.

Remember how much fun monkey bars were when you were a kid?  Click here for a workout.

Now that was harder than I remember!… I’m hungry, so I think we’ll visit the Pioneer Woman blog and learn how to make monkey-bread (here)

Well, I hardly left my chair.  I had fun.  Did you like the itinerary?

It’s almost dinner time and my monkey bread is almost ready to come out of the oven.  My husband will like that so much for dessert that he won’t care that I spent most of the afternoon on this tour.

Think I will get out the old Curious George book to entertain my granddaughter, while I wait for dessert.


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