R is for Reigning Rabbit


“This bunny looks different,” Maya said as she kneeled in front of the cage.  “See the tiny marking above the nose?  He is special.”

“Why yes he is, “I said with a bit of hesitation, foreknowledge pointing to the fact that we would have to make room for another pet.

“The spot looks like a black cat stretched out.  Do you see it?”

Again some hesitancy.  Don’t agree too quickly.

“All I see is an animal I will have to clean up after.”

“Oh, Momma, please.  Please can I get him?”  Two little lips quivered and a tear rolled down her cheek and the deal was made.  The rabbit would have to come home, but would have to stay outside.  Did I really believe this?


Soon Mr., Spooky had taken up residence in our yard where he found an abundance of greenery to supplement his diet of expensive rabbit food.  Nothing escaped his curiosity.  Prize petunias and my husband’s favorite cosmos became his favorite.

Fences were quickly erected and a hutch built, but Maya in anguish, declared Mr. Spooky could not stay in such a prison.  Those quivering lips won out again and the bunny took up residence in the house.

Books rendered information on house training. The internet became our source for tips on rabbit proofing our home.

So the weeks drug on. Our home was ruled by a bundle of fur.  Our other pets, the non aggressive dog and forgotten cat lurked on the sidelines  Friends began making excuses for not dropping by. Any attempt to regain the status quo was met with those quivering lips.

“I think that Mr. Spooky is gaining weight,” Maya’s father said about two weeks into our venture.  “What have you been feeding him?”

“Maybe eating the cat food again?”  We had caught him at it last week for which he got an inneffective scolding.

The six year old cuddled Mr. Spooky.  “Don’t make fun of him.  You’ll hurt his feelings,” the quivering lips demanded.

I tried to stay positive, but yes, under all that fluff, he did seem to be getting larger.  Out came the books again.  The quivering lip became a firm line, defying any criticism of Mr. Spooky.

Of course we might have suspected. I’m sure that you guessed what we missed, that our Mr. Spooky was indeed Mrs. Spooky.

Maya delighted in cuddling eleven new babies.  The question of what to do now remains unanswered at this time.  One of eleven has a unique marking above the nose.


Thank you to this prompt from Andy Black’s Two for Tuesday.  Read all about the challenge  here.

One thought on “R is for Reigning Rabbit

  1. What a delightful story and yes that quivering lip is hard to resist. That is until you are up to your armpits in rabbits.

    I was visiting my parents for the Fourth of July many years ago when they lived in Topeka, KS. We were driving around looking for Fireworks stands and passed a house that had a sign out front that read: “Rabbits/Friers for Sale.” My take on that was you could purchase them as pets or for dinner.

    They must have been up to their armpits in rabbits…

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