C is for Commitment

Wow this is working out well-my plan to use the alphabet to get through this challenge.  So today my three “C”s are challenge, committing to daily writing and being non-critical about my writing.  That is the hard part for me.  Already I caught myself correcting  a type–just had to do that.

I’ll add another “c” here.  Comfortable.  as in being comfortable with letting the world see a les than perfect me. And now I’m at an impasse.  Because I know that this will be posted and my mistakes will seem all that more glaring.

Classical music is my choice for listening.  As for particular songs you might here me listening to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.  Just misspelled his name and allowed myself to go back and correct it aonly because it is important that thae great master be truly recognized.  If I could I would inbed the music here so that you could hear a piece of it.  It soars and lifts my mood in the sme way that being on top of a mountain might do for you.

The Blues sung by Billie Holliday transport me to another time and place where dreams can come alive or die as in the case of some of her songs. I enjoy the diversity.  When she sings about “Mandy is Two” It makes me think of my daughters at that age.

Cowboy music (another C) from the old days–yeah, I’m showing my age here is on my list.  Hank Williams Detour I put into one of my Five Sentence Fiction pieces about a year ago.  Its titled Detour and I would try to put a link, but hey this is supposed to be fast writing and that takes me so much time.

Don’t get me started dealing with technology.  The old brain just has a hard time dealing with all this new stuff.  It continues to change faster than m y brain can keep up with it.

So I just looked back over this piece and it’s not too bad and I only added one wee change.  I had to correct the title of Billy’s song about Mandy in case you want to look it up on you U tube.  There!  My finger trimbles to hit publish.  Big breath!  Like the moment before jumping out a plane I guess.  Hope the parachute workds.  Hope I have a happy landing.  Hope youall love it that you now have ithis “Choherent” piece to read

The end is in sight here. Click and hit the ground running.

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