D is for Displaced

The topic of loss is today’s theme.  In the last year I have noticed (and also other people, unfortunately) that I  often stumble (and grapple around for a word that escapes and cannot be retrieved). (Picture a dog hunting for his lost bone.)  When it  (the elusive word) is found, I end up feeling rather foolish.  Sometimes it comes to me hours later after all other effort has failed and the search for the displaced thought all but forgotten.  Then, do I just let it be?  Nope. Something (pride, I guess) makes it necessary to let everyone know that I’m still somewhat in control.  I have to recall all the details the next time I encounter the person involved.  (And yes, I see the eyes roll.)  I’m trying to be funny, but this is serious for we folk who are over a certain age. Without telling how old I am, I passed that point so long ago the dust has already died down.

Loss of time is another problem.  Better yet, the use of time.  Displaced items can be found, but time lost can never be retrieved.  And I do waste the most valuable of commodities.  Instead of sticking to the task of writing, it is so much easier to click e-mail, read others blogs or play Scrabble (my worst time waster) But I tell myself it’s improving my brain…(I hope it’s doing just that since it is such a passion) .

This is supposed to be a three-part series, so have to wonder what Day five will be about.  Already thinking about “E is for________”.  Any Ideas, anyone?  It just might fit into tomorrow’s theme. Toss one into my bowl of soup.  It might make the next spoonful.

alphabet soup

9 thoughts on “D is for Displaced

  1. The only thing coming to mind for E is the word elucidate. I don’t know how that would work, but it could mean clarifying a post I suppose.

  2. I know this feeling only too well. I also misplace words. And I worry about time. Knowing now that life is drawing to an end, time becomes as you say the most valuable of commodities.

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