F is for Friends in deed

Today is to write a character study about a friend.  I changed it somewhat and wrote a fictitious piece  about a visit to a farmer’s market.


The tattooed teenager waited behind the counter while Geraldine admired her choices.  The morning at the farmer’s market had yielded an abundance of culinary treasures: baby arugula, fresh spears of asparagus and three perfectly imperfect heirloom tomatoes.  The balance of texture and color pleased the artist in Geraldine. She had to comment on this.

“Whatever,”  the teenager  said.

“I love the way the asparagus tastes.  I like to roast it in the oven.”

No answer. She detected a slight shrug, but she was not deterred.

“It pairs well with thin slices of chicken on top of arugula.” She held up an irregular shaped tomato.  “These so irresitable.  Do you know what they’re called?”


“The variety is what I meant.”

“Look lady, my mom owns this business.  I just fill in for her. So don’t keep on with the questions. OK?

Ignoring that she went on, “These tomatoes are wonderful.  They are so much better than the perfectly round ones. They have no taste at all.”

A line had begun to form behind Geraldine.

“Can you just pay, lady?”

A wisp of grey hair escaped from under her hat and she tucked it back before searching for her coin purse.  She removed  melons  and apples to get to the bottom of her large shopping bag.

The boy tapped his fingers on the counter.  He wished she would hurry up.  The line behind lengthened.

Unaware, she continued piling her previous purchases on the counter until she had emptied her bag.

“I think I must have dropped my money at the last booth.”

“Lady, that’s not my problem.  What am I supposed to do with all this  while you look for it?”

“Oh, please.  I need to find it.  That was all my money for the month.”  Her face crumbled.

A few customers began looking around on the ground in front of the stand.

The commotion caught the attention of a neighboring vendor who joined in the search.  Meanwhile tattooed boy  sullenly kept his spot behind the counter.

Geraldine retraced her steps to the last stall, but returned empty handed.

Meanwhile a collection was taken up from the bystanders to pay the sum and after thanking them Geraldine went on her way home.

Getting ready for bed that evening, she removed her skirt and discovered the coin purse in the pocket.




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