H is for Hostage

Todays assignment is to kill off the adverbs:

Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

(Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.)

So I say, why kill them off…take them hostage and trade them for exciting verbs.  So I envision this story as a post script to yesterday’s unhappy couple.

Yesterday I wrote about an unhappy couple and I thought of having Noun go after the culprits that were demanding too much  of her husband’s (the  Verb’s) time and talent. (Would she go on a shooting spree?)  No, I think she just captures some of the ones that continually hang around.  The ones that just didn’t get the message that they were a drudge on society. The ones that sneak into stories and diminish a writer’s prose.

She could hold hostage the thugs who infiltrate whole books with their gangs of Gerunds.  She could demand the authorities release all the captive verbs and let them be free.  Only then she might release the Adverbs with the warning that they could not engage any  longer in their criminal acts.  They might be called on now and then for assistance, but otherwise needed to keep their silence.

She would be hailed a hero.  But being the sweet and generous, Noun would not want to stand in the limelight, but let all words unite in Victory over the enemy; to create a brave new world where all words would be created equal.

And Noun and Verb would live happily ever after.

(I think this was written without any offending adverbs.  If one of them snuck in, could you please inform me ASAP.  Please don’t call in the authorities!)


2 thoughts on “H is for Hostage

    • They live! They live! I think I saw heard something like that in an old sci-fi movie. (maybe I’m thinking of the famous line in Frankenstein. “It’s alive, It’s alive!” Come on people…someone should know.

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