I is for Interuption (Day 9)

My post for  Day 9 did not happen.  Maybe some of you noted the omission.  I take this challenge seriously,  so if you are one of many with spoons and empty bowls, I’m sorry.  I did start a post called “Intersection” about three people in the park and how their lives intersect in a way that would bring about unexpected changes.

I changed the title to reflect on what happened after I began my post.  There was  mid morning doctor appointment for my husband and then immediately after, we went to a health fair. It had been on the calendar for some time and we did not want to miss it.  So my story waited patiently somewhere inside my computer  for me to figure out what happens to said people in the park.

The fair ended and we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went to a friend’s house to spend the afternoon with their autistic son.  My husband took him for ice cream and I chose to stay behind.  I would just enjoy some solitude after such a busy morning.  I had brought my knitting (coincidentally  a beautiful red yarn that will be an afghan for my granddaughter’s eleventh birthday.)  I began knitting the next row.  Click, click.  My mind was wandering.  Just straight knitting is mindless, so I usually listen to music or watch TV while I knit.   Click, click.  The piece is yet small, but is growing.  Click, click.  My mind jumps to my story.  The woman on the park bench is knitting something red. Wow, her needles click just like mine. The knitting is shoved into my bag.

Quickly before the thought escapes me I find a pen in my purse.  Alas, no paper, but I do have a weekly circular with some blank edges that are soon filled with scribbles that I hope will not be indecipherable when I get home (writing on top of want-ad sections is not easy.)

We arrived home at dinner time and then my husband went on another errand for a friend and I dug our my want-ad scribbles and worked on my assignment.   It grew into a story of way over a  thousand words and still needs some editing.  My daughter will help, she says.  It is much to long for  a blog and  needs polishing before it being sent out into the world.

So in a way things did intersect for me.  Because of the interruption, because of the way the day flowed, because I was forced to relax and let the idea develop in its’ own time,  the result is something that I consider share worthy.

I don’t totally believe in serendipity, but sometimes things happen in a way that make you gasp in the wonder of it all.

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