L is for Listening

Writing 101, Day Twelve: (Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon

Today, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.

When I began this writing challenge, I told you that part of my personal challenge is to make it through the alphabet one letter at a time.  Today is “L” and what fate has given to me is  involves listening.  Sometimes I think ahead guessing what I might be able to do with my new letter and always I am surprised, though sometimes frustrated and need a little help from fellow bloggers.  See yesterday’s “K is for_____” for example.  Today I feel ready for the challenge except:

I can’t see choose to ignore any dark cloud on the horizon, so the rules for today will have to be bent somewhat.  And I try not to be too negative in my thinking, even as my mind wanders off amidst the darker side of problems.  I think it’s best to remain somewhat hopeful.  I admit a small relationship to an ostrich;  I’ve been accused of pretending problems don’t exist.

I often waver back and forth between two opposing views of any political debate.  My friend takes one side and I take the other, though some part of me wants to veer over to her side. But I am entrenched in my view. Think positive. It’s  not easy to listen when all she talks about is negative. She cannot see anything but doom and gloom on the horizon, while I think, with time the problem will surely be solved, that the good will prevail, that people in government will come up with a solution. After all, they are smart people, chosen to lead our country right?

Even though I cannot always agree with their decisions, they still earn my respect. And the right to be heard.

I wish people would look at the horizon and see the possibilities in the sunrise.  For now I’ll keep wearing my rosy colored sunglasses.

11 thoughts on “L is for Listening

  1. This just appeared in my messages. Thank you all for keeping me motivated and inspired to reach this goal.

    100 Posts!
    Congratulations on writing 100 total posts on Alphabet Story.

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  3. I’m in favor of optimism, too, but want a healthy dose of realism mixed in. Be optimistic, but deal with the problem. I’ve seen people ignore a problem, saying, “It’s not really that bad,” until it blew up on them and needed a lot more fixing than if they’d dealt with it sooner.

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