M is for Mercy (Day 13)

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.

On day four I wrote about losing stuff including time. Today I want to focus a few thoughts on time. Time is the ocean and we are but a speck on it. Time so vast we think we will never want for more. But growing older, I realize that there is an end to this ocean.  I’ve already planned my docking space.

Sometime I choose to pilot my craft on my own and I usually get in trouble: adrift  from my mooring.  There are huge pieces of time lost as I drifted out of the safe harbor of God’s love.  Out on the stormy sea of life, the only thing to save me is the word.

The place where I find myself now, where I find mercy, is at the feet of Jesus.

4 thoughts on “M is for Mercy (Day 13)

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