N is for Navigating through life’s Neccesary Alterations

Writing 101 (Day 14)

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. choose a word; write the post in the form of a letter.

So I did just that.  Picked up a Joyce Meyer book, turned to page 29, scanned down the page to find “current occupant”; and then came to amazing halt and all but jumped up and down shouting whooeee!  Get it–the twist is to write a letter.  (I’ll address mine to Current Occupant)

I swear on a stack of Bibles this is true.  It’s so great, I don’t think I could have made it up.  Just had to tie it in with the letter “N” for my personal challenge.

Decided to take a break and have a cup of coffee with our houseguest, who shared a passage from a book he was reading. Suddenly everything clicked and I hurried back to my computer and wrote:


The envelope was addressed to Current Occupant and I almost threw it away, but  curious, I opened it, unfolded a sheet of paper and read  “To whom it may concern.”  My hands trembled as I held it, for the paper seemed to have a slight glow and the handwriting though I did not recognize, seemed a little familiar. I thought it could be a joke from a friend, and again I almost tossed it.  I read with a slight uneasiness…

To whom it may concern; It has come to my attention that the residence you are living in  is inhabitable and needs a few updates to bring it up to code, so to speak.

It has seen some neglect in the past few years due to emphasis on non-essentials.  There has been a lot of cosmetic work, but the foundation appears to be crumbling.  Years of neglect are harbingers of what is ahead if you do not commit to necessary alterations.  Perhaps you lost your  manual with instructions for maintenance. Those are readily available, so can be replaced.  Tend to that immediately.

The abode also needs a good cleaning if you expect guests to be comfortable there. Especially the room where I will stay. If you want I can come and abide there and help. Maybe you could give it a good sweep before I arrive.  I’ll take care of the rest.

I have a son who is business with me.  He will give his all to help you remodel your home.  And what’s’ more there is no charge for the work. The good news is that this has already been paid for.  Just invite him into your heart.  Sign up for an awe-inspiring transformation. Unlike other limited  offers, there is no expiration date.  You can read a list of satisfied customers in our manual.

Take advantage of this wonderful life altering opportunity today. As an added bonus is that you receive a free gift of the Holy Spirit.

With all my Love, God

P.S.  Our work is guaranteed.

P.P.S. That boat you were talking bout yesterday…We can help patch up any leaks, so you can navigate through storms of life safely.  We also provide life-jackets.

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